Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal: Whatever you require to know

Where is the Alexandrite Laser Used?
Alexandrite lasers are effective devices and also ought to just be made use of by a skilled expert, consequently they are often made use of in hair elimination beauty salons. There are currently No FDA authorized house laser hair elimination tools which contain the Alexandrite laser

What is the Alexandrite Laser?
An Alexandrite Laser is a kind of LASER (light amplification by stimulated discharge of radiation) that sends out high energy light with an alexandrite crystal. As the light passes through the alexandrite crystal, a beam 755 nm long is produced.

Keep in mind: The size of the beam establishes just how far right into the skin the laser passes through.

The color of the laser light is red.

Alexandrite Lasers can be set on Q-switching setting, which causes the laser to produce a high-energy beam of light in other words pulses. This is what makes it efficient for hair elimination.

In addition to hair removal, Alexandrite Lasers are used for:

Treating age places
Dealing with spider blood vessels
Treating vascular birthmarks
Tattoo elimination
Female has laser hair elimination on her face
Exactly how is it Different from Various Other Lasers?
What is the difference between the Alexandrite Laser as well as various other lasers? Other than the shade, the wavelength of the light is the only thing that alters.

For example, the Alexandrite Laser releases a red beam that is 755 nm. A diode laser, on the other hand, releases a 810 nm laser beam of light and also a YAG laser produces a beam at 1064 nm.

Wavelength Contrast of the Various Lasers
Laser Kind




488 nm or 514.5 nm.

No longer made use of for hair elimination – the gadget bored and inefficient for hair removal.

Ruby Laser.

694.3 nm.

Reliable as well as secure on patients with light, pale skin.



Safe and efficient on all skin types (from 1-7 on the Fitzpatrick range).

Pulsed Diode Variety.


Efficient on light to tool skin (I as much as IV on the Fitzpatrick range).

Nd: YAG Laser.


Especially made for darker skin kinds, though effective on all skin kinds.

Intense Pulsed Light.

500 to 1200nm.

For pale to medium type skin (this is not a laser but is still made use of for hair elimination).

Advantages of the Alexandrite Laser.
It is considered the most reliable laser for usage with all hair and skin types, as the laser does not affect darker skin kinds as high as other lasers. As with all various other lasers, it is best with white and very light skin, and has actually proven most reliable with the fine, slim hairs that a lot of the other sorts of laser can not remove.

The wavelength of light released from the Alexandrite Laser is conveniently absorbed by the melanin (pigment cells) in your hair, which creates those cells to be heated up as well as inevitably damaged.

Note: For really dark skin kinds, the most effective option is the Nd: YAG laser, as the beam of light’s added size will certainly penetrate the hair roots without impacting the skin pigment as a lot.

Alexandrite Laser Efficiency.
With the Alexandrite Laser, there is a hair clearance price of about 70% after the advised number of therapies– normally in between 6 as well as 8 for thinner hair, or 8 to 12 for thicker, darker hair. See scientific researches to find out more on hair decrease effectiveness.

It is also taken into consideration the fastest of the lasers, getting rid of huge swaths of hair in less sessions. For clients interested in dealing with bigger body areas (such as the stomach, chest, back, shoulders, or legs), it’s commonly suggested to utilize the Alexandrite Laser.

Alexandrite Lasers are just one of the only lasers advised for treating hypertrichosis, also known as “Ambras syndrome”.

Alexandrite vs. Diode Lasers.
Among the most preferred sorts of lasers for laser hair elimination is the pulsed diode laser, which has a beam only slightly longer than the Alexandrite Laser.

In a 2001 research study [1], both lasers were contrasted to see which generated the most effective long-term outcomes. Alexandrite Lasers triggered hair development to be reduced by 85%, while diode lasers just created an 84% decrease. Four treatment sessions with both lasers created a 90% decrease in hair growth for as much as twelve month.

In 2006, a study was done into the effectiveness of the two lasers, as well as it was found that both lasers did the job with equivalent performance. Nonetheless, diode lasers were most likely to trigger negative effects, with a 28.9% opportunity of problems contrasted to the 9.5% chance with Alexandrite Lasers.

Adverse effects.
Woman has laser hair elimination on face.
Exist negative effects of using the Alexandrite Laser? Sadly, just like all lasers, there are some adverse effects.

For those with extremely dark skin, there is a risk of hypopigmentation (skin lightening in patches that are treated by the laser). The Alexandrite Laser is NOT one of the most reliable for dark-skinned patients, as discussed over.

Even amongst those with lighter skin, there is a risk of the pigment being damaged from the skin. On the flip side, there is also a danger that the skin will certainly OVER-produce melanin as a result of the light, which could bring about dark patches on your skin.

Pain prevails throughout the therapy, though it’s typically fairly minimal. A cooling down gel is commonly applied once the area is dealt with, aiding to reduce discomfort and stop swelling.

There is commonly a little swelling as well as itching adhering to the procedure, but that must vanish after a few days. The skin may redden, but it will just melt if the laser is improperly utilized.

There is an extremely small chance (10%) that there will certainly be bruising, yet the bruises will discolor by themselves.

Is the Alexandrite Laser FDA Accepted?
If you’re thinking about laser hair removal with an Alexandrite Laser, you need to make sure that the laser being utilized has been accepted by the FDA. Alexandrite laser hair elimination was accepted “clear to market” in 1997.

There are 3 brand names of FDA-approved “long-term hair reduction” Alexandrite lasers popular on the market today:.

EpiTouch And also.
If your skin doctor recommends one more brand of Alexandrite Laser, it’s worth doing your research study to see to it that it is an FDA-approved gadget.

Producers MUST obtain FDA clearance prior to marketing their tools, as well as you can find out which brands have actually obtained approval by having a look at the FDA’s 510( k) data source. Follow this web link to figure out extra.

Alexandrite Laser Clinical Information.
Having been gotten rid of by the FDA for marketing in 1997, the Alexandrite laser has actually had a number of researches done to determine its effectiveness. Studies generally wrap up that the Alexandrite laser as a reliable technique of hair elimination.

Here are three main research studies as recommendation:-.

Dark Skin Side Effects Research.
Negative Effects Free.
150 patients (18 men and also 132 women) with skin kind from IV to VI were treated with the Alexandrite laser – negative effects occurred in just 2% of cases. Link to examine.

This outcome is consistent with an additional study of side effects in lighter skin kinds, recommending that you are no more statistically likely to have negative effects from the Alexandrite laser if you have darker skin colour than if you have light skin.

Pulsed Alexandrite Laser Hair Elimination Effectiveness Study.
126 individuals went through a 15 month duration of treatment with pulsed Alexandrite technology. Time in between sessions throughout the therapy varied from 4 weeks to 3 1/2 months.

The outcomes of the research showed a typical decrease in hair quantity of above 88% 3 months after the last therapy. Link to examine.

Reduction in Hair Count.
Comparison of Alexandrite and also Electrolysis for Hair Removal.
Decrease in Hair Count.
After 3 sessions of Alexandrite laser hair elimination at 4 week intervals, clients revealed a decrease of hair at 6 months after treatment of 74%. Link to research.

Electrolysis showed a decrease in hair count of only 35%. It must be explained that the approach of electrolysis was galvanic in contrast to thermolysis.

Galvanic is an older obsolete variation of Electrolysis as well as not similar with the rate and efficiency of modern day electrolysis techniques.

So I really hope that this clarified your questions concerning laser alexandrite (λειζερ αλεξανδριτη ). Currently see its prices (λειζερ αποτριχωση τιμες ).